Patron and Official Seal

 The first Catholic Missionary Evangelizers landed on the shores of Pinagbuhatan on the 20th of January 1572. It was the feast day of St. Sebastian. A mass, commemorating his feast day, was celebrated for the first time in the whole of Pasig. St. Sebastian has subsequently become the Patron Saint of Pinagbuhatan. It is but proper that he should be enthroned as the Patron Saint  of the school. St. Sebastian most generously shed his blood in fidelity to his Savior Jesus Christ.


The official seal of Escuela Catolica de San Sebastian is a red circle on a white background. Inside the circle are people looking up to the Cross of Jesus Christ and the image of Patron Martyr, St. Sebastian, fenced in by olive branch on both sides sprouting from the Book of Holy Scriptures.

Red, the color of “blood”, is the official color of ECSS. It stands for martyrologic courage to uphold her principles and her faith. The red circle symbolizes the embeddedness of ECSS in the eternal value of love as embodied in the person of Jesus Christ, by word (symbolized by Holy Scriptures) and by deed (symbolized by the Cross) and emulated by the Patron St. Sebastian (represented by his image). The person symbolizes the ECSS children who aspire to approximate the enshrined ideal of life. The measure of their success would be the measure of peace and harmony (symbolized by the olive branches) that would secure their lives The white color of the background is the symbol of ECSS’ sincere determination to achieve her aspiration-harmonious ordination of her children’s lives towards becoming loving witnesses of the Lord Jesus Christ by word and by deed according to the example of St. Sebastian for all eternity.

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