Escuela Catolica De San Sebastian envisions itself as a Filipino Catholic institution upholding Christ-like ideals of education that equip pupils, students, employees and other stakeholders with relevant knowledge, proper values, virtues and wisdom.




ECSS is committed to produce and develop Christ-like and highly competent students by:

1.  inculcating Gospel teachings and Filipino values such as faith in God, love, respect,

     social justice, generosity and service.

2.  developing students’ critical thinking skills as well as their proficiency in different

     subject areas.

3.  developing students’ sense of sharing and generosity by:

     a.  helping them see, understand and analyze social issues and concerns.

     b.  instilling the need to help, serve and improve the family, the school, the church,

          and the community.

4.  making them appreciate the Filipino culture even in the midst of present-day


5.  developing values of responsible Christian stewardship, honesty, religiosity and

     servant leadership.

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