Point of Reflection

The moment you are in tension

You will lose your attention

Then you are in total confusion

And you will feel irritation

Then you will spoil personal relation

Ultimately, you won’t get co-operation

Then things will be full of complication

Then your blood pressure may raise caution

And you may have to take medication


Instead, understand the situation

And try to think the solution

Many problems will be solved by discussion

Don’t think it’s my free suggestion

It’s only for your prevention

If you understand my intention

You will never come again in tension

-Alan Gates


CFMer Ferdi Fuentes


be the solution than the problem

be an active player than a mere spectator

be useful than useless

be simple than complicated

be a man of deeds than a man of empty words

be busy than idle

be a man of integrity than a man of dishonesty

be a good citizen than an instant celebrity

be a peacemaker than a trouble maker

be a friend than an adversary

be loving than uncaring

be grateful than complain

be a giver than a receiver

be a pro-life than anti-life

be heroic than a coward

be sincere than a hypocrite

be authentic than untrue

be better than good

be a cooperator than a competitor

be hopeful than hopeless

be reading than gossiping

be right than wrong

be competent than ineffective

be a food producer than a consumer

be fair than greedy

be early than late

be clean than dirty

be happy than sad

inspire than discourage

 praise than criticize

plant than cut trees

re-use than abuse

walk than ride

smile than frown

have less than more

have a pure heart than material possessions

serve than be served

pray than waste time

blaze a trail than  standstill







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